Could his support

turn on him?

Like many others, this patient is prescribed oxycodone to manage his severe pain. But there are factors that need to be considered; opioid analgesics such as oxycodone come with a risk of physical dependence and addiction.1

Now there is another option

Onexila® XL is the first once-daily oxycodone licensed in the UK.2,3

Severe pain

is prevalent



of the UK population may be living with some form of chronic pain4



describe their chronic pain as moderately-to-severely limiting, and this increases with age4



of patients with cancer suffer with moderate-to-severe pain5


Opioid analgesics are an essential option for the management of severe pain. They should be prescribed incrementally to minimise pain severity and the effect on the patient’s normal functional abilities. Where opioid analgesics are appropriate, patients should be established on a long-acting opioid.6

Link to the SIGN guidelines for pain management

Introducing Onexila® XL

Onexila® XL is the first once-daily oxycodone licensed in the UK, and is indicated for patients over 12 years of age suffering from severe pain which can only be adequately managed with the use of opioid analgesics.7

Onexila® XL has been clinically evaluated

Onexila® XL demonstrated 24-hour efficacy comparable to a twice-daily formulation in patients whose pain control was stabilised prior to study randomisation.*

Current pain was assessed by the patient on a 0-100 mm VAS five times daily for 5 days: at 8.00 (before intake of study medication), 11.00, 14.00, 17.00, and 20.00 (before intake of study medication/placebo).2,8

Over the five day period Onexila® XL demonstrated comparable efficacy to twice-daily oxycodone at 95% confidence interval (-5.09 to 0.91mm VAS), proving non-inferiority.8

*This study included 46 patients in the per-protocol analysis with severe and moderate pain all of whom had their pain stabilised on oxycodone prior to being randomised to a once or twice-daily oxycodone formulation. After 10 days treatment with the first study treatment, patients were then directly switched to the second oxycodone medication, once or twice-daily, without a wash-out phase.

Pharmacokinetic properties of Onexila® XL

10mg once-daily
5mg twice-daily
CONCENTRATION [ng/ml] TIME [h] 0 4 8 12 16 20 24 0 2 4 6 8
Mean plasma concentration of oxycodone at steady state.
Adapted from Lux et al.8
Gradual absorption

Onexila® XL blood plasma levels increase gradually and take longer to reach a peak than the twice-daily formulation2,8

Smooth plasma drug levels

Onexila® XL delivers lower peak to trough plasma concentrations2,8

Onexila® XL has physical properties to support abuse prevention

Onexila® XL has a pellet tablet formulation, that is designed to have abuse deterrent properties.3,9 The pellet formulation is difficult to crush, intravenously inject or dissolve.3,7

The pellet formulation also results in no increase in peak oxycodone absorption when taken with alcohol.3

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A new treatment option

without a price premium

Onexila® XL offers price parity to the market-leading twice-daily prolonged-release oxycodone.10,11

O n e x i l a ® X L 1 0 m g o n c e - d a i l y tablets O n e x i l a ® X L 2 0 m g o n c e - d a i l y tablets O n e x i l a ® X L 4 0 m g o n c e - d a i l y tablets O n e x i l a ® X L 8 0 m g o n c e - d a i l y tablets

Helpful colour coding

Onexila® XL comes in four strengths to suit individual patient needs and support the transition between doses and other opioid analgesics.

Each formulation of Onexila® XL is conveniently colour-coded, to meet the individual patient requirements.7

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Additional features

Onexila® XL is a controlled drug and should therefore be stored according to local controlled drug storage, but does not have any other special storage requirements.7

All Onexila® XL formulations are lactose-free, offering another option for patients with lactose intolerance.7

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Onexila® XL offers once-daily dosing, and has physical properties to help support abuse prevention.8

So when choosing a long-acting oxycodone for your patient, choose Onexila® XL.

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