Cookies are used by our website to differentiate our webpage users.

They are a small data file which is created by a website and is stored on any *web-enabled user device, allowing for the website to recognise a user and keep track of your preferences. It is worth highlighting that cookies are not viruses and therefore will not affect the normal operation of any web-enabled device and do not store any form of the user’s personal information.

If you would like further information regarding cookies please visit the below website.

Aspire Pharma Limited uses cookies for their website and only with the users consent. No cookies will be transferred from any third party source or be used for other purposes or be used to store your browsing history. The type of cookies that are used by our website are mentioned in more detail below:

1- Navigation or session cookies

These are necessary for the use and browsing of the website. They can either have a short or longer time duration which will expire once the session is closed down by the user.

2- Analytics cookies

Used to collect information regarding how many users visit the website and how they access it.

3- Cookie functionality

Used to tailor the user’s browsing experience, based on the user’s selected criteria, for example specific language choice etc to ensure a smooth user experience.

Confidentiality is important for Aspire Pharma Limited, and therefore any cookies used on the website are encrypted and no third party other than Aspire Pharma Limited will be able to decrypt the cookies and have access to the information stored.

*A web-enabled device is any device with the capability to be connected to the internet. This includes desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets etc.